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Provision for a better society


The budget is a regular business of the government. A lot of things are said but few are fulfilled. Whatever be the outcome, it is always those on the higher rungs of the ladder who benefit the most. However, my point here is different from the economic aspect of the budget. My concern is about the provision made to improve our society.

We all see and agree that day by day it is becoming very difficult to live in our society with all the crimes, accidents, cases of corruption and exploitation, drug addiction and so on. My question is: what provision has the government made so that the prevailing sick, stupid and mad mentality can be transformed? Shall we leave by bread alone? Is progress related to or measured only in terms of increased productivity, greater number of tourist arrival, high GDP and so on? What about the production of healthy, wholesome, creative, blissful and free individuals?

Do those at the helm of power still think that academic knowledge or intellectual maturity (very rare indeed) can lead to a change in mentality? In fact, there is no political will. The only thing they can do is pass some laws, more and more stringent ones. But that, we all know, only suppresses people; it does not lead to much change. Education has failed, religion has equally failed and the laws that the government decrees have also failed. What next?

People talk about failure in law and order. But the real issue is failure in human mind. It is there that all evil is born and then reflected in society. But politicians know nothing about the mind. How can they when even scientists don't! The truth is that politicians have no solution. They have failed lamentably, but they won't admit. They manage to stay in power till their time is over. By then, they will not be responsible. It is society that will bear the brunt of their ignorance.

People blindly follow politicians, but have no time to follow genuine spiritual people. I acknowledge that such individuals are rare, but honest and sincere seeking surely leads one to the door of such great souls. A better society can be born only with people who have been awakened from the slumber of unconsciousness and the delusion of duality or who have dissipated the cloud of ignorance.

Without a profound study into the nature of human behaviour, it is not possible to change human attitude or mentality. But such studies are undertaken only by the mystics. Science stops at the gross material aspect of life, therefore we miss the most important factor - the mind. It is not the brain or neuronal activities but rather the quantum which survives physical death and which enters the womb when the sperm and the ovum meet.

Science is blind and religion is lame. The mind is too subtle for science to discover it - at least now. It has been discovered by gazing inside, not by using any electron microscope or other apparatus, nor by having recourse to theories. In mysticism too we have observation, but it is a totally different type of observation. The mind observes itself, or the mind is turned upon itself. There is a whole science behind that process.

If we are expecting any positive change in the mind of people to happen through politicians or priests or religious organisations, then I am afraid we have not grown up at all. We need to take our destiny in our hands. Society is made up of yet-to-be-born individuals. Therefore if we want to create a better society, it is of paramount importance that individuals undergo a profound mental transformation.

But here we have a big problem - I will even say a very big problem - and it is that the individual is not yet born. What we have is a whole mad and confused society in each person. When then will the individual be born and when will there be a radical mental transformation on the individual level? Do you think that it is the field of politicians and priests or theologians?

Wake up! Wake up, dear fellow human beings! You are the root cause of all forms of conflicts, but you are also the solution! It is time to take your destiny in your hands if you don't want to miss life and allow society to go through utter chaos and destruction. Don't expect others to do it for you. Stop dreaming and do it now. Right here and now you conceal the key to the greatest mystery of life, the solution to all life problems.

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